Playboy Playmate Billy Abeleda

Billy (take note---with a "y", not with the more feminine "Billie" version) is an aspiring nurse. If that's the case, she might have a little trouble succeeding in this particular area of the medical profession, since her patients-well the men anyway-may not want to get better in the soonest possible time.

Name Billy Abeleda
Address San Juan City, Metro Manila
Date of Birth July 23, 1986
Height 5' 4"
Weight 90 lbs.

Things worth knowing about Billy:
  • Likes to catnap during lulls in events or pictorials

  • Was in a David's Salon Commercial, Schwarzkopf Hair Show, Modeled for World Poker Calendar 2008

  • Did a commercial for International Head of Film & Television

  • Turn ons: Clean looking, sweet and caring guy

  • Turn offs: Arrogant guys

  • Guilty Pleasure: Chocolate milk

Playboy Playmate Weng Santos

Here's a trivia question that every red-blooded male should know the answer to: Who was the first ever Playmate centerfold?

The answer is, of course, Marilyn Monroe, who went on to become Hollywood's biggest sex star of all time.

When it came time for PLAYBOY Philippines to decide who should be its first ever centerfold, there were numerous challenges that the editors had to face. Could we ever compete with Marilyn Monroe, for one. That was a no-brainer. Of course not, so we shouldn't even try.

How can we make a splash, we asked ourselves. Ideas were thrown left and right. One that we liked was, why not put two girls in the centerfold? Oh, yes, we said. Good idea. But it had been done before by the original US edition of Playboy. And it was done decades ago.

Another bright idea. Why have one when we can have two? As in two separate girls for Miss April 08. Has this been done before?

Answer: no. Not to our knowledge. So we decided to go with two girls - Weng Santos and Joy Pagurayan.And here they are in all their splendor. There is a more than passing resemblance between the two, as we can see here.

Soul sisters, we called them. Weng and Joy are the first, and possibly only, double centerfold we will ever have. We wanted to add that something extra for our maiden issue.

Both are models, by the way. And both have the dusky, good looks Filipinos call "morena," beautifully and naturally darkened by the tropical sun. They both love the water, as we can see.

Name Weng Santos
Address Project 6, Quezon City
Date of Birth December 16, 1987
Height 5' 7½"
Weight 105 lbs.
Measurements 32 - 25 - 34
Things worth knowing about Weng:
  • She was a finalist in the Philippines' Next Top Model

  • Had done modeling work in Vietnam

  • Did a commercial for International Head of Film & Television

  • Tested for a reality show

  • Has done ramp modeling for Oxygen

  • Has modeled for L'Oreal