playboy PH soft-p0rn

With fiercest porn competition online, playboy success as the leading nude girl magazine in the world is phenomenal for its 55 years. Its rival Penthouse magazine went bankrupt.

The secret recipe is its famous choices for nude materials and stories (both fiction or fact) to bring out the subject into mens fantasy world. The founder Hugh Hefner knew exactly his market. Men are not willing to pay money not just on any nude girl. Hugh Hefner took out $8,000 loan to start Playboy in 1953 and paid $500 on nude picture rights of Marilyn Monroe. Same formula that drove Filipinos to buy the 1982 issue featuring a UST architecture student and 1979 Mutya ng Pilipinas runner-up Techie Agbayani.

Narcissistic voyeurism of famous subjects is a commodity that Playboy will continue to exploit. With homegrown star-struck crowd combined with Philippine double standards and cosmetic Catholic tradition, the Philippine version may very well prove profitable in the future.

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